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Product description

  According to the different types of toilet paper, toilet paper processing equipment can be divided into roll toilet paper processing equipment and square toilet paper processing equipment.

  The toilet paper processing equipment mainly includes: toilet paper rewinder, band saw cutter and sealing machine. The processing process of toilet paper is as follows: toilet paper base paper is rewound by rewinder, then cut into small rolls by band saw cutter, and then manually packed and sealed.

  The models of general machines are divided by the width of the processed base paper. The general models are 1092157517601880210024002800 and so on. Most of the machines used are 1575. The machine can process the large width of the base paper One point eight M, there is no special requirement. The default toilet paper machine of Huali paper machinery factory is 1575; the same type of machine has different functions according to its own belt, It can be divided into many kinds. The common classification methods are: semi-automatic toilet paper machine and full-automatic toilet paper machine. The main differences between them are: the semi-automatic toilet paper machine has less functions, no computer program control, only can do toilet paper with core and paper tube, not do toilet paper without core; the full-automatic toilet paper machine makes up for the defects of the semi-automatic machine, the machine has computer program Control, can do the toilet paper with core, no core, paper tube, the diversification of finished products is an important reason for the wide popularity of the full-automatic toilet paper machine. The full-automatic toilet paper machine can also be equipped with many additional functions, such as: automatic glue spraying and tail keeping, automatic shaft pulling, automatic flattening, pneumatic paper feeding, single-sided embossing, double-sided embossing, remote control and other functions. These functions are based on The customer's requirements are customized. The function of the machine itself is different, and the price is also different. It's good to choose the right machine according to your actual situation.

  Toilet roll processing equipment

  The roll toilet paper processing equipment mainly refers to a set of toilet paper machinery including rewinder, band saw cutter and sealing machine, which is mainly used for rewinding 1-3 layers of roll toilet paper, cutting small rolls and packaging them into finished products.

  Box toilet paper processing equipment

  Square toilet paper processing equipment mainly refers to mesh cage rewinder, paper cutter with panel and paper cutter with saw, which is mainly used for rewinding square paper, cutting strip and then cutting into squares until one piece of square toilet paper is produced.

  The model selection of the cage rewinder is the same as that of the toilet roll rewinder. The band sawing machine is equipped with 3150 model. The panel with panel paper cutting saw can be customized as required.

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